Our Mission

The Rare Collective partners with industry to guide the efficient development, commercialization and adoption of innovative therapies and devices for the rare disease communities they serve.

Many people living with a rare disease have no cure and no viable treatment. Fortunately, there’s hope.

Biopharmaceutical companies, academia, government agencies and patient organizations are working to better understand and treat more of the estimated 7,000 rare diseases. Their research is yielding impressive results, with more orphan drug designations and regulatory approvals each year.

Orphan Drug Approvals in U.S.


Source: FDA

We strive to serve society by speeding the development and delivery of orphan drugs for rare diseases.

The Rare Collective helps its clients navigate every facet of orphan-drug development, including:

  • Market forecasting
  • Determining medical need
  • Identifying patients
  • Educating physicians
  • Involving patient organizations
  • Defining regulatory pathways
  • Building support among stakeholders
  • Ensuring market access

Our team shares knowledge across disciplines and taps a vast network of experts to give clients the tools and resources needed to advance rare disease therapies. We know the rapidly evolving orphan space, and have real world, hands on experience supporting our clients so they can focus on the big picture.